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Flexible Cement is a unique Decorative Concrete Overlay System that can create both deep wall textures to perfectly imitate the look of natural stone and other brick and block related products. Or alternatively can be applied to a floor, to give you the look of a new, naturally laid stone path or driveway.

Whether its internally or externally, wall or floor, we can customise your home with an almost limitless colour selection, combined with limitless imprinted stone patterns, to create your new design feature. Our Decorative Overlay System is only restricted by the imagination of the installer, or you, the customer.

The special mix can be applied on various surfaces such as concrete, bricks,  polystyrene, wood, plasterboard, tarmac and most other surfaces. The unique overlay mix is cheaper than natural stone installations and other related products. It can be applied economically and is less labour intensive than alternative products. The fact that it can be coloured to suit your existing decor is another plus for this unique wall product.

Benefits of using our Overlay System: Flexible and less likely to crack. Durable in all kinds of conditions. Can be applied to all types of surfaces, floor and wall. Requires little preparation work. Can be used internally and externally. Excellent thermal and insulating properties. Reasonably priced compared to traditional methods. Tried and tested over 25 years.

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Whether it be our artificial grass, bespoke timber decking, composite decking, patios and paving slabs, or our wide range of concrete stamping products, we can provide the right solution for you.


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Although based in Newport, we provide our services to the areas of Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol and all of South Wales.

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